Intersectional Allyship

A process group for white / white passing womxn, 18+


About this group:

True social change is strengthened by supportive and skillful allies. I welcome you to a safe and respectful place in which to explore areas of growth as you deepen your understanding as a person of privilege. This group seeks to provide support for white womxn wishing to contribute positively to marginalized communitites. 

Start date: 1/10/19

Group size: 6 people

Cost: $65/week

Length of Group: 10 weeks

Date/Time: Thursdays 7:15 - 9:15

Content focus:

  • Racial Identity Development

  • Diversity, Power, and Privilege

  • Boundaries, Burnout, and Self-Care

  • White Guilt / Savior Complex

  • Anxiety Management, Distress Tolerance, and Repairing Ruptures

  • Mindful Advocacy for POC, LGBTQ, and Other Marginalized Demographics

One space available

How to apply: 

Please fill out the form provided below. In your message, please share what you hope to learn from this group and any questions you may have. Those selected for this group will then participate in a 20-minute screening for a one-time fee of $25, refundable if you are not selected for this group. The screening process is to ensure group cohesion to provide the best experience for all members. 

Thanks! Message sent.